You are the author of your life. Why re-write the past when you can start living the most exciting and fulfilling chapters of your personal story RIGHT NOW?

Licensed Professional Counselor and author Barbara Peters is putting the proverbial pen into the hands of her clients so they can create their own version of “happily ever after.”

“If you’ve made the decision to get counseling, then you’ve already taken the first step toward empowering yourself to make meaningful change in your life,” Barbara says.

Honesty + Trust = Results

Barbara’s collaborative and supportive style of therapy starts with truth. Personal truth.

“I’m as authentic as they come, so I encourage the same from my clients,” Barbara says. “That dynamic of honesty and trust between counselor and client is vital to the success of the counseling process. When you can strip away self-doubt and defenses and come to a session with a genuine desire to work through an issue, there is a 100% guarantee of positive change. I get that commitment consistently from my clients, and in return, my clients get the results they need.

Healthy Choices, Balanced Life

Barbara is able to deconstruct the stressful and often dysfunctional patterns that complicate her clients’ lives. As a gifted communicator with a straight-forward approach, she cuts through the tangle of misguided priorities to help her clients make healthy choices. “The every day stresses and challenges of work and family life can create problems and conflict for anyone. I help my clients recalibrate their emotional priorities so the can down-shift into a healthier and more comfortable life pace. As balance is created, positive momentum returns and relationships can confidently start growing again.”

As author of the recently published, “The Gift of A Lifetime: Building a Marriage That Lasts,” the relationship expert lends insight from her years of experience as a couples counselor.

Reviving Romance, Restoring Love, Reclaiming Relationships

“A large part of my practice is dedicated to working with couples. In my experience, most relationships can be saved, but romantic relationships are always evolving, so they need to be worked on constantly. You need to do that with the right tools."  "What makes 'The Gift of a Lifetime, Building a Marriage That Lasts' different," Barbara explains, "is that my book not only gives people the tools-- it guides them on how to actually use them successfully. When that happens, love and respect are restored and you can reclaim a fulfilling relationship.”

Barbara offers a nurturing, confidential environment for her clients with common sense, solution focused counseling and support.

“We are all works in progress, like an unfinished novel,” Barbara says. “I help my clients realize that they have the ability to take authorship of their lives....Because the best parts are the ones they haven’t written yet.”